Watch: Block B’s Park Kyung Makes Good On 1st Place Promise With Monkey Costume

Block B’s Park Kyung is a man of his word, even at his own expense!

On the June 26 episode of tvN variety show “Problematic Men,” the cast members are baffled by a man in a full monkey costume sitting in PD Chan’s seat, while Park Kyung’s seat is empty.

Jun Hyun Moo explains that Park Kyung is donning a monkey costume for this episode to make good on his first place promise for solo song “Inferiority Complex.”

Block B Park Kyung

The cast members aren’t convinced that the PD is underneath the suit, thinking it’s a guise to full them. Jun Hyun Moo jokes, “If Park Kyung wins today, we’ll give him a box of bananas.”

Park Kyung appears in a full monkey suit from another corner, surprising the cast members. He looks like he didn’t cut any corners, wearing full costume makeup and a unibrow for a stylized touch.

The cast members cannot contain their laughter as they cry out, “So cute!”

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