Zion.T And Kush Releasing SMTM Producer Tracks “Knock” And “Machine Gun” At Fan Requests

“Show Me the Money” has always owned music charts each season, and this season is no different.

Team Zion.T and Kush will be no different. The team’s two producer performance tracks are in high demand; “Knock” (tentative English title) went straight to viewers’ hearts with its frank lyrics, and “Machine Gun” featuring WINNER’s Song Mino had people hyped.

Immediately after these songs were performed on “Show Me the Money,” requests for the songs to be made available for purchase online flooded into various online music sites.

“Knock” and “Machine Gun” weren’t initially planned for release, and as a result, the songs also weren’t included in any distribution agreements with “Show Me the Money.” However, though Zion.T and Kush had not expected the songs to hit stores, the artists have responded to fan requests, and the songs will be released at midnight on June 29.

Watch the performances below:

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