17 Of The Best K-Pop Idols And Rappers To Follow On Snapchat

Forget Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine – we all know that Snapchat is where it’s at! Snapchat is used daily by millions of people around the world, providing virtual ways to interact and connect with others. What sets Snapchat apart from the rest is that it provides instant live updates accessible to everyone on the friends list if uploaded on “My Story.” With such a platform, K-pop idols are now able to provide insight into their daily routine and interact with fans on a newer, more intimate level. More and more idols are starting to use apps like Snapchat these days, and if you haven’t already, you might want to consider adding some of these celebrities onto your Snapchat list. 

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

ID: stephanieyoungh

Among the members of Girls’ Generation, Tiffany seems to take the prize, by far, for updating her fans on all her social media platforms most consistently. Almost daily, you can check out her Snapchat story for a variety of cute lip-syncing videos and more recently, behind-the-scene hangouts with the cast of the variety show “Sister’s Slam Dunk.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

ID: taeyeon 3.9

Taeyeon is yet another Girls’ Generation member who loves snapping her daily routine for her fans to see. Those who regularly watch her Snapchat stories know exactly how obsessed she is with the Snapchat filters, especially the glasses/braces one. Most recently, her story is filled with her personal insight into her newest album, “Why.”

f(x)’s Amber

ID: ajol.0918

In just one word, Amber’s Snapchat is FUN. While it’s well-known how friendly and easy-going Amber is, as evidenced by the number of friends she has in the industry, it’s a whole new experience for her fans to more intimately get to know just how goofy and good-natured she really is. While those who follow her Snapchat can regularly see her hanging out with other K-pop idols, it’s cool to get to see her non-celebrity friends. Oh, and her dog, JackJack!

ID: jessica.jsy

Following Jessica on Snapchat means being privy to her classy wine nights out with her friends as well as the numerous overseas flights she takes. Seriously, this girl is literally everywhere — flying from Korea to China to the United States to Europe and all over again. Seeing her story makes it a bit easier to gauge exactly where she is and where she might be going next.

2PM’s Taecyeon

ID: taeccool1227

Taecyeon especially loves giving his fans a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into his celebrity life, sometimes including his 2PM brothers when they go overseas for their concerts. His Snaps definitely show a bit more of his playful, goofy side.

Miss A’s Min

ID: therealminnn

Here, we have yet another Snapchat filter lover: Min! This girl is definitely a fun one to follow because she knows how to play and relax with her friends. Like Amber, Min is also famously known to have many friends in the K-pop industry including model Irene Kim, who is next on this list.

Irene Kim

ID: ireneisgood

Model and fashionista Irene Kim is another active uploader on Snapchat. As an avid follower of fashion trends, Irene gives her fans exclusive looks at events such as Paris Fashion Week. And of course, it’s always kind of exciting to see guest appearances on her Story, including Jessica and Min, who also enthusiastically participate on Snapchat.

BTOB’s Peniel

ID: btobpeniel

Perhaps those in the K-pop industry with English as their first language are more prone to using Snapchat, but it’s definitely a plus for BTOB’s international fans to have access to Peniel’s Snapchat. While he definitely doesn’t upload daily, when he does upload to his story, Peniel greets his fans with all the latest filters on his face, often even including his BTOB members especially if they’re all traveling together for concerts and events.

ID: ericnam

It’s no wonder that Eric Nam is growing in popularity these days, especially as more and more people are falling for his easy-going, adorably hyper personality. He always knows how to bring up the mood and does so for his fans by uploading bizarre and funny videos, often featuring other idols who don’t have Snapchats.

Epik High’s Tablo

ID: bornhaters

Whether he’s dropping in as a surprise during Lee Hi’s song recording, showing us around the YG building, or even providing updates on Haru, his daughter, Tablo is always in it for the laughs. Following this Snapchat will definitely put a smile on your face, and convince you that Tablo is actually a lot funnier than you may have thought.

Jay Park

ID: aomgjaypark

If you’re a huge fan of the AOMG crew or the K-rapping scene in general, you’re in for a treat with Jay Park’s Snapchat. He’s almost always hanging around with his rapper crew which includes those like Simon Dominic, GRAY, and even CL. These snap stories are often a bit less censored so it really does feel like you are invited to see more of who these celebrities are.


ID: callmegray

If GRAY is all charisma and fire on stage, his Snapchat account definitely shows more of his adorable, off-stage side with selfies and all. Like Jay Park, GRAY is often hanging out with his crew of rapper buddies so following him plus Jay Park and Simon Dominic might mean multiple updates of the same day from different vantage points.

Simon Dominic

ID: longlivesmdc

To round out the active rappers on Snapchat, we can’t forget Simon Dominic and his cute prankster videos of his buddy Jay Park. It seems like Simon also has a playful, humorous side as he doesn’t hesitate to filter Jay’s face with huge chipmunk cheeks and upload it for all to see and save forever.


ID: jessiho88

For those obsessed with Jessi’s quirky and honestly refreshing personality, following her Snapchat is a must. Her stories, whether of her alone or with other people, show that Jessi is truly who she is, both when she is on the screen or stage and when she is off relaxing. She really sticks by who she is, and of course, her fans appreciate and love her for it.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

ID: yurikwon_gg

If there’s one thing you will learn from following Yuri on Snapchat, it’s that she is obsessed with coffee. Most of her Snapchat updates involve her showcasing her favorite different coffees and starting her daily routine with coffee brewery. She even has a professional-looking coffee filter and brewer, as she embodies the full barista spirit.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

ID: sooyoungchoi210

If you know anything about Girls’ Generation, it’s that Sooyoung is truly the life of the party. Forget idol image: this girl really knows how to make humor a priority and goes all out to make those around her laugh. Her Snapchat is no exception, and you can really glimpse her bright personality from up close through her Story.

Nine Muses’ Hyuna

ID: moyahoya119

Through Hyuna’s account, you can get more glimpses of both her and the whole group in general as they go about their busy schedules. It’s also really nice to see an upload from Hyuna like the one below through which her fans can hear more of Nine Muses’ vocals.

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