SONAMOO Says Watching Girls’ Generation Videos Helped With Comeback Prep

To commemorate the release of their brand new mini album “I Like U Too Much,” girl group SONAMOO held a showcase at Yes24 Muv Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul on June 29.

When asked about their barbie doll concept for this comeback, the girls picked Girls’ Generation as the senior girl group that they referenced and studied for inspiration.

“While preparing this time around, we looked at a variety of videos and prepared hard,” member Euijin says. “We copied a lot of facial expressions. We looked up Girls’ Generation sunbaes a lot.”

The SONAMOO members also share, “We had a dark concept for our debut, and we wanted to show a progressively brighter image. We wanted to show that we also have this side of ourselves too.”

Can you see the Girls’ Generation influence on their new music video?

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