Crush And Rap Monster Join MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” Line-Up

On June 30, MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” announced, “In the upcoming July 1 episode, ‘legendary vocal’ Kim Yoon Ah, ‘popular musician’ Crush, and ‘brainy idol’ Rap Monster will be on the show.”

According to the production staff, Kim Yoon Ah, though she said it was her first time performing with someone who’s not a singer, puts on a performance fit for a standing ovation. Crush puts on a fresh performance with an arrangement in his style, and Rap Monster brings an explosive performance to the stage.

Na Yoon Kwon and John Park, who performed the previous week, will be returning for an encore performance, having been voted “the duet we want to see again.”

SS301’s Heo Young Saeng, for whom this is his first variety show in three years, is fighting this week for his second win in a row.

mbc duet festival

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