Park Jin Young To Take Charge of Producing Fei’s Solo Album

While it was announced that miss A’s Fei will be making a solo debut, it has been recently revealed that the one who will be producing her solo album is no other than Park Jin Young.

The concept of her solo album will be luxurious and sexy, which was represented before by other JYP artists such as Park Jiyoon and Sunmi.

Fei’s solo debut has been planned by Park Jin Young and JYP Entertainment in top secret. JYP Entertainment houses many artists, but Park Jin Young actually taking lead in producing for an artist is a rare occasion.

Just from the pre-production stage of Fei’s solo album, fans can see that her solo promotions will take quite a different route compared to that of other solo female artists in the agency.

Are you looking forward to Fei’s solo debut?

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