The Wonder Girls Are Ruthless Beauties In Retro MV Teaser For “Why So Lonely”

The Wonder Girls have dropped the music video teaser for “Why So Lonely,” and it’s everything you could have hoped for and more from their image teasers.

The teaser is cinematographically stunning with a distinctly retro 1970s vibe. Powerpuff Girls x Totally Spies, anyone? The girls look just as stunning but don’t mistake that for nice, because they will literally slam the trunk on your arm if you don’t act right.

In terms of sound, “Why So Lonely” carries a heavy reggae influence, and it looks like the girls will maintain their girl band concept from their comeback with “REBOOT.”

“Why So Lonely” will drop on July 5 at midnight KST.

Check out the teaser for yourself below, and share with us your thoughts! Are you vibing with this concept?