Park Shin Hye And Baek Sung Hyun Reunite On Screen 13 Years After “Stairway To Heaven”


If you thought new “Doctors” character Pi Yeong Gook looked familiar at all, you thought right.

On June 30, actress Park Shin Hye confirmed that the new character is played by Baek Sung Hyun, her co-star from hit 2003 drama “Stairway to Heaven” where she played the younger Jung Suh and he the younger Song Ju.

Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo of her and Baek Sung Hyun onto her personal Instagram with the caption, “This isn’t ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Yes, it’s #’Doctors’~ #SongJuOppa is #PiYeongGook. So Dr. Pi Yeong Gook you trying to be friends?”

Park Shin Hye Baek Sung Hyun2

You can catch Baek Sung Hyun in the fourth episode “Doctors” on Viki below!

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