MAMAMOO’s Solar Becomes Captivated By Fishing On “We Got Married”

In the upcoming episode of “We Got Married,” Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar will take a summer trip to Jeju Island!

According to the staff, Eric Nam and Solar receive a mission to go on a vacation to Jeju Island. After arriving on the island, they set off to enjoy a nice on-board fishing experience together.

We Got Married2

At first, Solar is scared and nervous to go fishing for the first time in her life. She says, “The day has come,” and remains hesitant. However, once they actually start fishing, she proves to be actually quite skilled at it and becomes excited, exclaiming, “This is so cool,” and “It’s so fun!”

We Got Married3

When they filet the fish and eat it right on the spot, Solar becomes ecstatic, saying, “Isn’t this delicious? I’m suddenly so excited after eating,” and makes Eric Nam smile due to her cuteness.

To see more of what happens to this lovely couple, watch the next episode of “We Got Married,” which will air on July 2 at 4:55 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, check out last week’s episode on Viki!

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