SISTAR’s Dasom Talks About Their Sexy Concepts And Their Latest Title Track

Marking their 17th appearance on the show, SISTAR was one of the featured guests on the July 1 episode “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

During the show, member Dasom candidly says, “Since we come out every summer with a sexy concept, we’ve probably portrayed every kind of ‘sexiness’ possible, such as ‘innocent sexiness,’ or ‘fantasy, dream-like’ sexiness.”

She also reveals how she actually didn’t particularly care for their newest title track, “I Like That,” at first. However, when she later on heard the song paired with the choreography, she understood the essence of the song and started to like it.

Meanwhile, SISTAR recently made a comeback with their fourth mini album, “Insane Love,” and has been seeing huge success on music charts.

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