JYP Impresses Viewers With His Meticulous Supervision Of Unnies’ Comeback Prep

Park Jin Young impresses viewers with his meticulous supervision of Unnies’ comeback preparations on the latest episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk.”

Even down to the on-stage outfits, Park Jin Young wants everything to be just right.

“Right now the outfits are a bit boring,” Park Jin Young says as looks at the mostly black outfits the Unnies’ members are wearing. “Hong Jin Kyung’s hot pink wig color is fun, so I think it will be good if we add hot pink accents to everyone’s outfits.”

Sister's Slam Dunk

He makes the final call, “Hot pink shoes and lipstick for Jessi, the hot pink wig and the cut-out leggings.”

Ra Mi Ran in hot pink sleeveless shirt, Min Hyo Rin in a hot pink necklace and anklet, a hot pink fedora for Kim Sook and for Tiffany let’s add a hot pink accent to her shoelaces or some other string on her clothes,” he continues.

The “Sister’s Slam Dunk” cast recently debuted on “Music Bank” as the Unnies. You can catch the behind-the-scenes of their comeback prep on “Sister’s Slam Dunk” on Viki below!