Starship Entertainment Teases Debut Of New Group

Starship Entertainment has revealed the name of their newest group.

On July 1, the Instagram account for Y TEEN was opened. The account posted photos with the message “Y TEEN. Coming soon 2016 July.”

Various Starship Entertainment artists including Cosmic Girls, #Gun, MONSTA X, and I.O.I’s Yoo Yeonjeong are all following the Y TEEN account.

There are speculations that the new group might include Yoo Yeonjeong who is not in I.O.I’s new unit group. Some have pointed out that Y TEEN starts with a “Y” which could also stand for Yoo Yeonjeong.

Other speculations are that it could be a whole new group altogether or a different kind of unit group.

What are your thoughts on the mysterious teaser?

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