Lee Dong Wook To Reunite With Daebak’s Family On “The Return Of Superman”

It looks like Lee Dong Wook is coming back to “The Return of Superman” to take on his role as a hilarious but lovable babysitter again!

On July 2, Lee Dong Wook’s official Instagram shared photos of the actor with professional soccer player Lee Dong Gook’s youngest children, Daebak, Seol Ah, and Soo Ah.

lee dong wook 5

The Instagram shares that Lee Dong Wook will be appearing in July 3’s episode of “The Return of Superman”!

lee dong wook 4

This will be the second time Lee Dong Wook has come on the show, as he previously took over for Lee Dong Gook as a babysitter for his family in an April episode. He cracked up plenty of viewers with his complete bafflement about how to handle taking care of three kids at once. But the children absolutely adored him, with Daebak even choosing to run over to Lee Dong Wook instead of his dad when he came home.

lee dong wook 2

Are you excited to see this reunion between the family and “Uncle Lee Dong Wook” in the next episode?

lee dong wook 3

lee dong wook 1

Watch the most recent episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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