Jo Se Ho And Cao Lu Set Up Yezi And Nam Chang Hee On A Blind Date

On the July 2 episode of “We Got Married,” FIESTAR’s Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho try their hand at playing matchmaker!

The couple set up a blind date and each of them bring their friend. Nam Chang Hee, who is a close friend and colleague of Jo Se Ho, learns that his blind date likes Song Joong Ki and tries to dress up like the actor. Meanwhile, the girl is revealed to be FIESTAR’s maknae and rapper Yezi.

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Nam Chang Hee is unable to hide his joy at meeting Yezi. “I’m a big fan,” he says later in the interview. “She’d gotten a lot prettier too.”

Yezi, on the other hand, was surprised to learn that Nam Chang Hee was twelve years older than her. But both of them bonded by making fun of Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho’s affectionate gestures, saying, “That’s too much.”

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After an alternately funny and sweet date, Nam Chang Hee even serenades her.

What do you think of this unexpected couple?

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