Lee Jung Jin Spills The Beans On Kang Ye Won’s Eating Habits

On July 2, Lee Jung Jin and Kang Ye Won made an appearance on the SBS PowerFM radio program “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote their new film “Trick.”

Kang Ye Won had previously gone record for saying her slim body was due to her “1 meal a day” diet. On the show, DJ Jung Chan Woo asked, “Are you still on that 1-1 diet?”

She responded, “I don’t get hungry at lunch, so I still only eat once a day. I usually eat a meal around 5 or 6 in the afternoon.”

But Lee Jung Jin revealed her secret, saying, “It’s true she only eats one meal a day, but she eats a lot of snacks in between.”

He added, “I’ve seen her tell her manager to go the supermarket and buy a box full of chips. Also, she eats a lot during her one meal. She loves meat.”

As long as everyone stays healthy!

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