Watch: GFRIEND Finishes Performing Entire Setlist Despite Being Drenched By Rain

GFRIEND once again shows off their high level of professionalism when they are caught in a rainstorm.

On July 2, multiple fancams and short clips of the group’s notable performance at a water park quickly spread across the interweb on various social media sites.

While it was already lightly raining before their performance began, it only got steadily worse, before suddenly becoming a downpour closer to the end of their setlist, especially during the last song, “Rough.” In addition, there was nothing set up for the members to take a respite from the rain.

Although their hair and clothes were thoroughly soaked and they could barely open their eyes properly, GFRIEND powers through and continue to perform all four songs they prepared with smiles on their faces.

Watch their impressive stages below!

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