Seo In Young Makes Heechul Uncharacteristically Quiet On “Ask Us Anything”

On the July 2 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Seo In Young, Jessi, and Kim Jong Min make an appearance.

During the show, the cast members notice that Kim Heechul, who is known for blasting guests that he knows, is uncharacteristically quiet despite going way back with Seo In Young.

“When I meet people that I’ve known for a long time, I just get more reserved,” Heechul explains. “In In Young’s case, we kissed in my first sitcom.”

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“How was it?” Jessi asks.

“Well our lips just touched, so I’m not quite sure,” Heechul responds. “When I first debuted, Seo In Young took extremely good care of me, when I didn’t know anything.”

Seo In Young fires back, “And you asked me for my number.”

“See! There’s a reason he’s quiet because there was something between them,” Kang Ho Dong says. “I don’t think their relationship ended with the kiss scene.”

Lee Sang Min adds, “Yea, see Kim Heechul looks uncomfortable.”

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