SISTAR’s Dasom Shares Story Of How Hyorin Almost Burned The House Down

On the July 3 broadcast of SBS show “Have You Eaten?” (working title), SISTAR’s Dasom and Soyou appear and prepare a breakfast.

During the episode, Dasom shares a story about how fellow member Hyorin, who is not a good cook, almost burned the house down.

“We decided to make and eat dumplings at our dorm one day, and to be honest Soyou is in charge of all the cooking. But for whatever reason, Hyorin said she would do the cooking,” Dasom shares.

She continues, “We weren’t sold on it, and suddenly we smelled something burning. The [cooking] instructions were burning in the oven.”

“Bora and Soyou were drawing water with pails to put it out, and seeing them drawing water, Hyorin took a photo. I went outside and yelled to people, ‘Save us.’ It was interesting to see all of our different reactions.”

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