Watch: GOT7’s BamBam Tries To Stop An Adorably Mad Jackson From Complaining So Much On “Real Men”

On July 3’s episode of “Real Men,” GOT7’s Jackson is frustrated when he has to spend the whole day pitching tents, and his fellow member BamBam gets a little tired of hearing about it!

Jackson and his troop have to spend hours doing the gruelling work of setting up tents for all the soldiers in this week’s episode. In an interview, BamBam listens to Jackson complain about his day, but then sounds skeptical as he asks, “Is it really difficult? It looks easy!” Jackson replies, “You try it! You try putting up a tent!”

jackson bambam 2

Jackson says, “Once I get out of the army, if I ever hear someone say to me ‘This is hard work’ again, I’m going to ask them, ‘Have you ever tried putting up a tent?!’” Beside him, BamBam just laughs.

jackson bambam 3

“I don’t mind hard work,” continues Jackson. “I think of it as an experience for me to remember. But all we did was put up tents.”

Eventually, BamBam can’t take it anymore and says to Jackson with a laugh and a push on the shoulder, “Could you stop talking about tents?”

“You don’t know how hard it is unless you try it!” insists Jackson.

Watch the clip below!