BewhY’s Girlfriend Responds To Malicious Commenters: “We’ve Come This Far With Marriage In Mind”

Recently, rapper BewhY’s girlfriend has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate from online commenters. She took to Facebook to express her woes. She says in her post, “It’s too much for me to get hundreds of [hate comments] from people I don’t even know… […] If you have a problem with me, please take it up with me directly.”

She goes on, “It doesn’t matter to me whether my boyfriend succeeds or not. He’s my guy if he does well and he’s my guy if he doesn’t. I’ll simply be more thankful; our relationship isn’t so fragile that we’d be over if he didn’t do well.”

She says that the they’ve gotten where they are now — five years into their relationship — with marriage in mind, and that they’ve shared everything from their hardest moments to their happiest, and that, “with regards to this, [you] won’t have to worry.”

Closing, she says, “If my boyfriend does well, of course I would want to show off, but so many people have given me grief about it that I wonder if I did something wrong. It’s hard. Please look on us kindly.”

BewhY saw this and left a comforting, sweet message for her: “Don’t pay any attention to it, my love.”

Meanwhile, BewhY is currently in the final six of “Show Me the Money 5.”

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