Wonder Girls Shares Plans For Both Band And Dance Performances Of New Track “Why So Lonely”

Wonder Girls has revealed how they plan to try to satisfy all their fans by performing both as a band and as a dance group for their comeback promotions.

On July 5, Wonder Girls made a long-awaited comeback with their new track “Why So Lonely,” and the music video for the song features the members as a band rather than a dance group. Their new single album of the same name is their second release since they transformed from a dance group into a four-member band for their 2015 album “Reboot,” with each member playing an instrument.

In a recent interview with Star News about their comeback, the members are asked about their return as a band. Yeeun says, “Last year we did disco music. As a disco band, we used electronic instruments. We used an electronic drum pad to combine both dancing and playing the instruments.”

“We’re trying to go for a totally ‘real band’ concept this year,” she goes on to say. “But there are also people who want us to dance, so we’ve prepared a dance version as well. We’ve tried to satisfy everyone by making both a band and dance version.”

Her fellow member Sunmi adds, “We’re planning to perform live as a band in the first week, and then show our dance in the second week.”

What do you think of Wonder Girls’s plans to perform as both a band and a dance group with “Why So Lonely”?

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