VIXX’s Hyuk Joins Instagram On His Birthday!

VIXX member Hyuk has now made his own Instagram – right on time to celebrate his birthday!

July 5 is the singer’s 21st birthday, and right after midnight, he posted his first selfie to his new Instagram. He writes as the caption, “Is this how you do it?”


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He then began to spam his Instagram with lots of great photos, including plenty of pictures of himself with an armful of toy minions, as well as a couple “unreleased” videos. He’s also added the hashtag “HAPPYHYUKDAY” to many of his posts. With ten uploads in the space of only a few hours, he’s clearly loving Instagram so far!

미니언과함께!!Hyuk’s 사진첩대방출시즌입니다~ #HAPPYHYUKDAY

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A photo posted by 한상혁 (@hsh0705) on


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He also shared a photo on Twitter of himself with the other members of VIXX as they celebrated his birthday with a cake.


You can follow Hyuk on Instagram here: @hsh0705. His username is a combination of the initials of his real name (Han Sang Hyuk) and his birthdate.

Happy birthday, Hyuk!