Listen: Park Hyo Shin Gives Awe-Inspiring Congratulatory Performance At A Wedding

Park Hyo Shin recently gave a superb performance at a wedding that has many people saying, “I wish he would release a cover album.”

On July 2, one Instagram user posted a video of his performance along with a caption that says, “Park Hyo Shin sang a congratulatory song at the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel.”

Dressed simply in a white shirt and black slacks, Park Hyo Shin sings a rendition of Lee Juck’s “It’s Fortunate,” joined by a simple piano accompaniment.

He showcases his trademark soulful voice and sense of rhythm, while captivating listeners with his own version of the well-known ballad.

The video of the singer and his voice “that’s as sweet as honey” quickly spread through various social media sites and communities as well as YouTube, and earned compliments from many listeners.

Take a listen below!


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