Former Wonder Girls Members Sohee and Sunye Show Support

Former Wonder Girls members Sohee and Sunye have showed support for Wonder Girls’ recent comeback with “Why So Lonely.”

On July 5, Yeeun posted a photo of text message conversations between her and Sohee and Sunye on her SNS.


Sohee sent Yeeun a screencap of the album streaming right as it turned 12 and wrote, “Hm! I usually use iTunes but I’m streaming it for you.”

Sunye, who is currently living in the States, also sent Yeeun a message, saying, “I don’t know if you’ve already finished pre-recording, but good luck on your first music broadcast!”

After posting this photo, Yeeun wrote, “You use iTunes but you streamed for me. You’re the best.” To Sunye, she wrote, “You’re supporting me overseas, I miss you.”

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