BEAST Answers Whether They Keep In Touch With Jang Hyunseung

Following the release of their third studio album, BEAST held an interview with various news outlets at CUBE Entertainment.

Since the group made a comeback as five members with Jang Hyunseung’s departure from the group, many have been curious about the situation.

Leader Yoon Doo Joon talks about their comeback and says, “Since we’ve been active for a long time, we are not as trending as before. Also, because people are aware of us and used to us, we will remain in the same place in people’s perceptions unless we try something new.”

He continues, “That’s why I hope when people listen to BEAST’s music they will be reminded ‘their songs are still worth listening to’ and ‘even though they’re older, they’re still working hard.'”

After a reporter asks how Yoon Doo Joon knew that recognition for BEAST has gone down, he answers, “I was able to find out after checking comments and community sites. Also, since it’s a very sensitive occupation you can feel it very well from not only those kinds of things.”

He adds, “We don’t feel resentment, but we do not keep in touch [with Jang Hyunseung]. We wish him the best. I hope fans will only experience happy events in the future.”

BEAST released “Highlight” on July 4 and have achieved great success on music charts with their title track “Ribbon” as well as their pre-release track “Butterfly.”

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