Jang Hyunseung Criticized For Response To Emergency Alert

In the midst of experiencing torrential rain, Korea sent out emergency alerts via mobile carriers on July 5.

In the case of national emergencies, emergency alerts are sent to individuals’ phones through their cellphone providers. The first alert was sent in the morning (the exact time depends on the cellphone provider). The first alert warned people of torrential rain, landslides, and areas prone to flooding. It urged people to avoid going outdoors and to be safe. The second alert warned about floods and advised people living in low-lying areas to be cautious.” These alarms cannot be heard when phones are put on silent mode.

Jang Hyunseung posted a screenshot of the emergency alerts on his Instagram account and wrote, “Now I can’t go back to sleep. Wow I’m so happy hehehehehehehe.”

Jang Hyunseung Instagram

Many netizens have criticized him for his comments. Some said, “Even if you got woken up shouldn’t you be worried first? Even though you think this, the normal thing to do is to not write this on SNS” and others said, “These emergency alerts were sent for the safety of everyone in the country. How could you whine about it being noisy and waking you up?”

Jang Hyunseung actually edited his original Instagram post which said, “ㅈ 여버 ㄹ 진짜 아…잠 다 깼네.” The first four characters is often used as an abbreviated and censored version of “want to kill.”

Meanwhile, the torrential rain has resulted in the collapse of several buildings and homes. Currently, four people have been reported to be missing.

What are your thoughts on his post?

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