Watch: GFRIEND Shares Glimpse Of Comeback With Trailer For “Navillera” MV

GFRIEND is giving us a hint of what we can expect from their upcoming return!

On July 5, the popular rookie girl group shared the trailer for their upcoming title track “Navillera,” which is off their first studio album, “LOL.” It features the members having fun summertime adventures and showing off their close friendship, all while looking as cute as ever.

Watch the trailer below!

The six-member group has already released plenty of great group and individual teaser photos for fans to get us geared up for their comeback. You can check out all of the teaser series here.

GFRIEND debuted in January of 2015 under the label Source Music with their track “Glass Bead.” After a famous performance incident in which the members powered through terrible conditions despite repeatedly slipping and falling on a wet stage, they went on to achieve massive success with their January 2016 track “Rough,” which earned them fifteen wins in total on music shows.

GFRIEND will be making their comeback on July 11 with the release of “LOL.” Are you excited?