Wonder Girls’ Sunmi Reveals Her Thoughts After Rejoining The Group’s Lineup

Wonder Girls’ Sunmi expresses the strong affection she has for her group members during a recent interview.

During said interview, the singer is asked, “When you returned to Wonder Girls, you must have felt a strong sense of attachment.”

As one of the original members, Sunmi withdrew from the group back in 2010, and went on an indefinite hiatus. After a couple solo promotions, she rejoined Wonder Girls in 2015, alongside Yeeun, Yubin, and Hyerim.

While she was embarrassed at first to reveal her true feelings, the singer truthfully explains, “Should I explain it as a sense of responsibility? When I rejoined, I felt responsible and fully dedicated myself. I wanted to stand next to the members and support them. That kind of responsibility formed.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls recently made their comeback with self-produced track, “Why So Lonely,” which has been very successful on the music charts.

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