Girl Group D.Holic To Make Comeback With New Lineup Changes

With their comeback just around the corner, D.Holic announces a new member will be joining the group.

Their agency HMate Entertainment explains, “What once originally a five-membered group will now stand in front of fans with four members instead. Members Danbee and Duri have left the group, and rapper EJ will be joining in their stead.”

D.Holic EJ

EJ will purposely be promoting with a mask this era in order to give a strong impression, and leaves fans wondering what unexpected charms she will show later on.

Previously, D.Holic’s main vocal Nine left the group last August due to personal reasons, making this the second lineup change since the group’s debut. Many are looking forward to seeing what the newly reformatted D.Holic will bring to the music scene.

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