Lee Hi Shares How She Overcomes Her Stage Fright

Lee Hi went live on V app and gave personal tips on how to get over stage fright.

For a “healing corner” during the first episode of “HI TV” on July 5, the singer opens up to viewers about how she gets over her nervousness on stage.

She responds to a concern expressed by a Practical Music major who asks how one can happily make music.

Lee Hi shares, “I empathize with how she says she has stage fright. Even non-celebrities seem to have that fear. It’s either you don’t like being on stage, or you get anxious right before going on stage.”

She continues, “I felt that a lot when I was going on auditions too, but many other people didn’t look anxious at all. Seeing that, I go on stage thinking, ‘That’s right, let’s kill it.’ I tell myself things like, ‘Don’t do it if you don’t want to,’ ‘I am who I am,’ and ‘I’ll just give it my all.'”

She further advises the student, “You’ll be able to sing comfortably if you calm yourself down thinking that whatever will be will be. If you practiced really hard, don’t doubt yourself.”

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