“Reply 1988” Makes Waves In China With 100 Million Views In 1 Month

Reply 1988” has surpassed the 100 million view mark in less than a month since its official online premiere in China.

On July 5, online video platform Aichi revealed that the tvN drama has been dominating audience viewership with a view count totaling over 100 million for episodes 1-20, and a rating of 8.6 out of 10.

“Reply 1988” is released two episodes at a time every Friday on Aichi where eight episodes are out, with the remaining episodes available for a fee for VIP members.

The third installment of the “Reply” franchise is currently at first place among all the Korean dramas on Aichi. The drama may be about Korea in the 1980s, but the tales of family and first love transcend the cultural borders and resonate with Chinese viewers.

That much of the viewer demographic is composed of ladies in their late teens and early twenties is attributed to the fact that the drama features young Korean stars.

After gaining wide acclaim in Korea, the “Reply 1988” syndrome does not seem to be over as it continues blowing up in China.

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