SEVENTEEN Prove That They Are, In Fact, “Very Nice” In Making Film

SEVENTEEN has released the making film for their music video, “Very Nice!”

Like the title of their song, the thirteen-member boy group prove themselves to be “very nice” in more ways than one.

Despite the long filming and complicated choreography, the boys never lose energy. At one point leader S.Coups says, “Since there are a lot of members, there are times where we can rest in the car. But the staff are constantly working, so it’s much harder on them than it is on us.”

The making film also shows how they filmed the “pops” of flower petals that were a key point of the music video. There are mats set up behind the boys and they are instructed to fall back on them when the firecracker goes off. Most of them manage it quite well but Seungkwan gets nervous when he is given several false starts.

Watch the video below!