VIXX’s Hyuk Reveals Why He Created An Instagram Account On His Birthday

On July 5, VIXX’s maknae Hyuk held a brief online fanmeeting on the Naver V live app for his birthday.

First, he took pride in his new trophy from the Shanghai International Film Festival, where he won the Best Action Newcomer award for his role in the film “Chasing.”

Then he explained why he had created an Instagram account on his birthday. “I wanted to be able to respond to all the congratulatory message I got from Starlights,” he said.

He joked, “There might be more posts uploaded today than there ever will be in the future. But I am planning to show my daily life by uploading daily posts when I go to concerts abroad. I want to communicate more with my fans. I hope to communicate with them through music too.”

VIXX is currently in preparations for their third solo concert in August. “I heard that all the tickets had been sold out,” Hyuk said. “Unfortunately, due to schedules I couldn’t try and get tickets myself. But I’m grateful to all of you.”

Finally, he teased the group’s next comeback by saying, “We’re going to reveal the second album in our ‘Conception’ series at the concert. We’re currently recording songs for the new album.”

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