Update: FTISLAND Reveals Poster For Comeback Title Track “Take Me Now”

Update July 11 KST:

FTISLAND will be making a comeback with the title track “Take Me Now”! They have now released a black and red poster for the track, and also launched a “teaser site” for their comeback.

Update July 8 KST:

FTISLAND has now released a schedule for their comeback with “Where’s the Truth?”. Check out their plans below!

ftisland schedule


FTISLAND has given us some hints about their much-anticipated comeback!

On July 6, each of the members of the popular band took to Instagram to post an almost identical image that reads “Where’s the [ ]?” with each member having a different letter in the brackets. The image also reveals that FTISLAND’s sixth album will be released on July 18.

Leader Choi Jong Hoon’s letter is a “t,” Lee Jae Jin posted an “r,” Choi Min Hwan’s letter is a “u,” Song Seung Hyun shared an image with a “t,” and lastly Lee Hong Ki posted an image with a “h.” All together, it looks like the title for their sixth album will be “Where’s the truth?”!

Where’s the [ ]? #FTISLAND 6th Album Release #160718

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#FTIsland #New #album #FT #Band #이재진 #잘생김 #쩔어줌 #헐퀴

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Where’s the [ ]? #FTISLAND 6th Album Release #160718

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기대하시라 곧 나온다 #soon #comeback #ftisland

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Are you excited about FTISLAND’s comeback?

Update July 7 KST:

FTISLAND has now confirmed the title of their new release! As expected, their sixth album will be titled “Where’s the Truth?”.

ftisland truth

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