Sweet Things Guys Do In Dramas That We Wish They Did In Real Life

K-dramas are ALWAYS known to have the cutest and sweetest moments. Moments that make us go “Aw, I’m going to find a man just like that,” or “I’m going to make my man do these things.” You know what we mean! Here are a few things in K-dramas that make us want to move to Korea and find a K-drama hero of our own.

Lee Jang Mi

You both get into a crowded bus full of sweaty people and he pulls you closer because he doesn’t want you near other guys or he just wants to get closer to you. Either way, we aren’t complaining because it’s exactly what we wanted too.


So simple, yet so beautiful. Nothing beats a proposal at the beach when he gets down on one knee! Just make sure that someone’s there to take pictures while you cry your eyes out.


You step into the rain and realize you didn’t bring your umbrella – but not to worry! Here comes your hero with a fancy car to pick you up. Of course, he also wipes the rain from your face in front of your friends. (Bonus: even better if it’s in front of your enemies, or jealous people.)

ALSO, that person he’s wiping the rain from is no other then little Park Shin Hye. SO CUTE!


Transferring to a new school and getting bullied by other kids is the worst. But when you have a guy to fight all those bullies, and he picks you up in his arms – LET ME STAY IN YOUR ARMS FOREVER.


He gives you a unique nickname like “Pig-Rabbit” and can’t seem to find a stuffed doll that looks like you, so he takes a stuffed pig and a stuff rabbit, and off he goes to do surgery on them. Then surprises you by placing it next to you when you sleep and you wake up SO HAPPY! The best gifts are homemade! �de42


He knows that something happened to you and he rushes to save you even if he has no idea how.


Looks at you with a loving gaze and strokes your hair while you’re sleeping, or puts you to bed while stroking your hair. (This GIF just makes it so much better because they are married in real life and I couldn’t be any happier. SQUEALS!)


You are doing your own thing, and he surprisingly comes behind you to give you a back hug. The unexpected ones are the best. But sneaking in a kiss also? Sigh… falling in love all over again.

Viki Global TV

Stays with you all night when you’re sick, and doesn’t leave your side for a second (okay, unless he needs to use the washroom, but that’s excusable). Also holds your hands while you’re sleeping.


Pretends that he’s hurt just to steal kisses from you, because he’s been trying so hard just to get that one kiss and this is the only way he’ll get it from you.

eMaReS Sales

He observes you and sees that you’re fascinated with the tandem bicycle and really want to ride it. So he decides to rent one just to make you happy.

Jane Santos

Drives up to you with his fancy car and tells you to get inside because he sees you alone on the sidewalk, and he can’t stand to see you by yourself so late at night. Especially if you have nowhere to go.


You both get into an argument and you stay mad at him, so you give him the cold shoulder for the whole day. He still worries about you and cooks for you, but you still don’t want to talk to him, even though you’re soooooo hungry. Either way, he leaves a buffet for you on the table. YAY. He knows you well.


Sees that you have something on your lips and tells you not to wipe your mouth with your shirt. He decides it’s a better idea to clean it with a smooch. YES.

aeanflux’s channel

Your stomach doesn’t feel good from worrying too much and you let one go… in the elevator. Oops. Everyone is wondering where that smell is coming from – but he’s totally there to cover you. “Sorry, I’m not feeling too well.” (Side note: SO HILARIOUS! Can’t stop laughing at this scene. He walks out in the end with his cool trench coat on and sunglasses. SO COOL.)


You find yourself sleeping in different places, and as much as you should be worried about applying sunscreen, you are so tired. You need to lie down, just a little. It’s no issue, as long as you have a man who will shade the sun for you because he knows how big you are on sunscreen (especially since you live in Korea – a total holy grail product).


Whether you’re injured or not, he offers to take you for a piggyback ride through a park or beach. Nothing makes me happier than having someone piggyback me with ease!

Shellbellz loves anything that is Korean! When she’s not busy chasing her toddler around, she likes to watch dramas while indulging in a sheet mask �de42

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