Wonder Girls Members Dish On Ongoing Close Friendship With Sohee And Sunye

The Wonder Girls recently opened up about their steadfast friendship with former members Sohee and Sunye.

On the July 6 broadcast of SBS PowerFM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the Wonder Girls feature as guests.

Returning with a new mini album “Why So Lonely,” the Wonder Girls dish on their close friendships with Sohee and Sunye.

“As always, we keep in touch with Sunye and Sohee often,” Yeeun says. “Since Sunye’s in Canada, we can’t see her face often, but whenever she’s in Korea, we meet. She also frequently sends us photos of her children.”

“I see Sohee so often that it’s a shame,” Sunmi jokes. “Sohee invited all of us to her movie preview in Busan. We are planning on going.”

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