5 Beautiful Lines From The Greatest K-Drama Mom Ever

Oh Hae Young Again,” no doubt, will stay in viewers’ hearts for some time. We saw some real kiss scenes, unfortunately a rare sight in K-dramas, great relationships, and totally lovable, off-the-wall characters, which include the most emotionally open and honest female lead (Seo Hyun Jin) we’ve ever seen.

“Oh Hae Young Again” also gave us one of the best moms (played wonderfully by Kim Mi Kyung) ever to grace the world of K-drama, whose unconditional love and concern masked in sternness for her beautifully imperfect daughter made us all warm and fuzzy inside, and maybe cry a little bit, too.

Here are five of the most memorable lines/monologues from Oh Hae Young’s mom, Hwang Duk Yi.

Warning: This article contains some spoilers for “Oh Hae Young Again.”

1. “If I become someone who cheers her on, will my heart break a little less?”

oh hae young mom

Her daughter is banging around the kitchen making a fuss about packing lunch for Do Kyung (Eric), whom she doesn’t like very much. Though it seemed like she quietly left to get some air and get away from her daughter, she returns home with missing ingredients and helps her daughter pack. (Episode 16)

“On May 22, 1985, a girl was born in this neighborhood. Her last name is Cray, and her name is Zy Bitch (In Korean, Mi Chin Nyeon). I disliked her because she resembled me, and I was fond of her because she resembled me, too. Why are those with so much affection always so sad? […]

“When I saw Chin-Nyeon-ee (Hwang Duk Yi’s affectionate version of “crazy bitch”) come back home with a can she kicked and couldn’t throw away, I would rage, then think of how beautiful that heart was… And Chin-Nyeon-ee, once again, because she’s blinded by some bastard, is pulling out her insides for him. I don’t know why that brings tears to my eyes.

“If I become someone who cheers her on, then will my heart break a little less? Instead of being someone who yells at her to not do this, someone who grabs her and forces her down, if I become a person who supports her, then will I feel less sad?

“So today, I sit next to Chin-Nyeon-ee, doing this again.”

Watch the scene:

2. “It’s okay!”

oh hae young againA story from Oh Hae Young’s youth, when her report card was switched with the other Oh Hae Young’s. “Pretty Oh Hae Young” got 2nd in the class, while she, well, she wasn’t even close. Though Oh Hae Young’s mom was embarrassed about the mix-up, she was, as always, on her daughter’s side. (Episode 15)

“(To “pretty Oh Hae Young”) Are you Oh Hae Young? Your eyes are too big.

“(To “normal Oh Hae Young,” her daughter) It’s okay! Like grades are a big deal.”

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3. “My heart is at ease.”

oh hae young again momAfter Oh Hae Young’s mom finds out that Oh Hae Young was dumped, and was not the one to break up with her fiancé the day before their wedding, she opens up to her daughter. (Episode 8)

“I thought my daughter was going around saying everything, not knowing what’s embarrassing. Realizing you have things you can’t tell even me breaks my heart, but there’s one thing I’m relieved of. Someone who is not dependable in a relationship between a man and woman is a person without affection and loyalty.

“I thought my daughter was that kind of person, and I thought, “She’s far from being a good match for anyone.” That was what drove me more crazy. But seeing as that’s not the case, my heart is at ease.

“Even when you’re the one who suffered, and I’ve got fire raging in my eyes about it, I’m at ease.”

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4. “Be as happy as you can.”

oh hae young again 3Though she doesn’t necessarily approve of Do Kyung, she supports her daughter no matter what. (Episode 18)

“(To Do Kyung’s mother) The two of them love each other so much, it seems that they can’t live without each other. In our lives, how many days do we have, when we feel like we could jump up and down for love? Also, how many people can fulfill that desire as they live?

“‘Don’t be concerned with the judgments of others, and be as happy as you can, to your hearts’ content.’ That is why I brought her to his house.”

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5. “Let’s set the date.”

oh hae young again 1When everyone is sick with worry for Do Kyung’s life, Oh Hae Young’s mom stubbornly sets a date for the marriage, in utter confidence that Do Kyung will pull through, which brings the dead waiting room to life. (Episode 8)

“Let’s set the date. September 3.”

Watch the scene:

Long live Hwang Duk Yi. We’ll miss you.

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