Watch: NCT 127 Is Blazing Hot In Debut “Fire Truck” MV

NCT 127, the latest unit group from SM Entertainment’s NCT, has revealed their debut music video!

NCT 127 is a new NCT sub-unit that consists of seven members, including members of the other current NCT unit NCT U. The members are Haechan(Korea), Yuta(Japan), Taeyong (Korea), WinWin (China), Jaehyun (Korea), Mark(Canada), and Taeil (Korea).

The seven members are seen with a young girl in the backyard of a home. They continue to sing and show their dance skills as the settings change. The boys follows her as she gets older in different stressful stages of her life. At the end of the music video, NCT 127 approaches her grandchild.

Check it out below!

NCT 127 will hold their debut stage on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” and perform “Once Again” and “Fire Truck.”

What are your thoughts on their debut music video?