Yang Hyun Suk Teases About BIGBANG Releasing A New Track

On July 7, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a screenshot of text messages between him and G-Dragon on his Instagram account.

G-Dragon: “No hyung, I’m fixing the lyrics for the second and third time. I couldn’t record due to having continuous rehearsals before coming here;; I’m not playing ㅜㅜ.”

Yang Hyun Suk: “You’re talking about the past week. … I’m talking about the past year. Anyways, I got it. Work hard.”

G-Dragon: “Yes, I finished revising the lyrics and I’m waiting for T.O.P hyung’s. But I think the content is too obvious, so I’m thinking about changing it altogether. I’m still thinking, I’ll finish recording as I proceed.”

Yang Hyun Suk: “I love you.”

G-Dragon: “I love you more hyung.”

It appears as though Yang Hyun Suk is teasing the addition of a new song in BIGBANG’s full “MADE” album.

A representative of YG commented, “They’ve been working on completing their album for the past year. They are almost done recording now.”

Yang Hyun Suk spoke with news outlet OSEN in a phone interview and said, “The new album will be completed with the addition of a new song.”

Are you excited for BIGBANG’s upcoming track?

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