MAMAMOO’s Solar Explains Differences Between Filming “We Got Married” And “Showtime”

Currently filming MBC’s “We Got Married” with her virtual husband Eric Nam, and MBC’s “Showtime” with her fellow MAMAMOO members, Solar is not holding back in showing her real self on the small screen!

On July 7, the singer expresses her affection for the two variety shows during a press conference for “Showtime.”

Solar begins by explaining how the two programs have their own strengths. She says, “If ‘We Got Married’ has a more feminine, lovey-dovey atmosphere because it involves [only] two people, then I would describe ‘Showtime’ as chaotic. That’s how much it feels like I’m just letting everything go and having fun with my friends.”

She firmly declares, “I will show you every side of myself on ‘Showtime.'”

Are you excited to see MAMAMOO on the show?

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