5 K-Pop-Loving Beauty YouTubers Whom You Need To Check Out

Soompiers, we have some exciting news for you! Viki has partnered with DIA TV, the No. 1 place where you can meet trendy K-culture related short videos. What does this mean for you? Another place to catch up on the latest in Korean trends. To celebrate the launch, we’re doing a round-up of all the DIA TV creators that you need to be watching.

Ready to round out your YouTube beauty subs? Looking for a new makeup or skincare routine? DIA TV has a slew of amazing beauty YouTubers for you to check out. They range from the up-and-coming to the “definitely already made it” (hello, Ssin!), but one thing they all have in common is that all of them are hardcore K-pop fans. So if you’re looking for Korean makeup product reviews, or idol makeup tutorials, you’re in good hands with these five!

Check out our list and remember that you can catch them all on Viki right now.


Fei is a self-described K-pop fangirl who focuses on Korean beauty products, makeup tutorials, and K-pop reactions. Check her out at Heyitsfeiii!

Most popular video: Her review and demo of Berrisom’s My Lip Tint Pack, a peel-off lip tint that lasts up to 12 hours without any transfer.

While her K-pop reaction videos are also super popular, our personal favorite video: Her easy 4 Steps to Glowing Skin tutorial. Because we all need glowing skin.

Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is famous for her Korean-style makeup videos in which she transforms into famous K-pop idols and uses mostly Korean products, all while speaking Korean – but surprise, she actually lives in NYC and is fluent in English as well. Check her out at Sunny’s Channel!

Popular: Her take on EXID Hani’s Hot Pink Makeup Tutorial. How does she look exactly like Hani? Straight up goals.

Another popular tutorial: goddess Seolhyun-inspired makeup. How does Sunny manage to transform so easily? I need to try this look tonight.


Ssin is a Korean beauty vlogger who is famous for her dead-on K-pop idol transformations. She’s got a slightly off-color sense of humor that sets her apart from the typical beauty vlogger crowd, and unusually for a beauty vlogger, she’s as skilled with male looks as female. Check her out at Ssin!

Awesome: Ssin is known for doing one-brand makeup tutorials – meaning every single item she uses is from one Korean makeup brand. One of our personal favorites is her use of Too Cool for School (mainly because it’s one of our favorite brands, too)!

For the EXO fans: One of Ssin’s past-times is forcing her brother and video producer to be the star of his tutorials. This one is Suho’s signature smoky look.

Ivan Lam

Based in LA, Ivan Lam delivers beauty, haircare, and styling tips and tutorials in a soothing, mellow voice. Check him out at Ivan Lam!

Very informative: Korean Brightening Skincare Routine! In case you can’t tell, we really enjoy skin brightening routines! Ivan Lam’s version includes different items from Heyitsfeiii so you can try out products from both videos!

Very basic: Contouring – it’s all the rage and if you haven’t tried it yet, this is a very easy video to teach you how. Bonus is that it’s a bit more Korean-style which means a more dewy finish to really make you glow.


Ricky is a makeup instructor and artist based in Hong Kong. His specialty is Korean-style men’s makeup and styling. Check him out at RickyKAZAF!

For the VIXX fans: Ready to take on the dark and handsome style of Leo? Ricky is here to teach you how!

For the BIGBANG fans: Look at the thumbnail – which one is T.O.P? Ricky enlisted the help of his friend to film this one and the final product is amazing!

Let us know in the comments who your favorite beauty YouTuber is! 

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