15 Korean Celebrities Who Just Do Not Age

There seems to be something in the water in Korea — these celebrities (as well as many others) just don’t seem to age!

All ages are international (read: not Korean) ages.


Our fabulous leader turned 26 last month — but he looks exactly the same as his Superhero (right) days. His superpower must be immortality.vixxn

 The “Commander” turned 40 this year – can you believe it?

kim jong kook

Song Hye Kyo

 Best known today as the star of hit dramas like “Autumn in My Heart,” “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” and “Descendants of the Sun,” this beauty is turning 35 this year! (The picture on the right is from 2005!)

song hk

2NE1’s Dara

Our cute and dorky Dara is turning 32 this year! The picture on the right is her epic vertical ponytail from her “Fire” days back in 2009.


Han Ga In

Known for her hit drama “Moon Embracing the Sun” and movie “Architecture 101,” this 34-year-old actress just welcomed her first child this year. The picture on the right is from 2007.

han gain

ha ji won

Known for hit dramas like “Empress Ki” and “Secret Garden,” this in-demand actress is turning 38 years old this month!

Seo Taiji

Throwback! This legendary musician, who was extremely popular in the 90s, is 44 years old this year. His band, Seo Tai Ji and Boys, released hit songs like “I Know” and “Come Back Home.” (Fun fact! Before Yang Hyun Suk became Papa YG, he was rocking it out in this band. You can sort of see him there on the far left.)

seo taeji

You might remember him from “Cinderella’s Sister” (right), and most recently, “Master: God of Noodles.” He’s turning 36 this year!chun jung myung

When I first saw Song Joong Ki in the movie “The Werewolf Boy,” I thought he was 17 years old. Turns out he’s an ’85 liner, and was about 27 years old then. *mind blown*

song joongki

Lee Seung Gi

We miss you, Lee Seung Gi! Known for his hilarious variety skills, sweet ballads, and dramas, this jack-of-all-trades is 29 years old.

lee seunggi two

Lee Mi Yeon

She too has not aged a day since I first saw her in “The Great Merchant.” She was most recently in the nostalgia-inducing “Reply 1988” as the older Deok Sun. This actress turns 45 this year! (The picture on the right is from 2010!)

lee mi yeon

Known for starring in hit dramas such as “My Husband’s Woman” and “Perfect Love,” this forever youthful actress turned 49 this year. The picture on the right is from 2009!kim hee ae 4

Girl’s Day’s Sojin

Can you believe that Sojin is 30 years old?!


In what world is this girl 35?! We’re guessing she still gets carded everywhere…

jang nara

She’s 32 on the left, when she did “Jewel in the Palace” in 2003. Thirteen years later, she’s at a beautiful 45, pictured on the right. HOW.

lee young ae 1

Can you name other celebrities that seem to be immortal? Tell us in the comments below!

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