Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is By Yong Jun Hyung’s Surprise Gift On Set Of “Doctors”

BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung knows how to hook his friends up!

Yong Jun Hyung recently sent two snack trucks to the set of SBS drama “Doctors” as a way of showing support for actress Park Shin Hye who is currently starring in the drama.

On July 8, Park Shin Hye uploaded a Boomerang video and a photo to show her heartfelt gratitude for Yong Jun Hyung’s generous gift.

She writes, “I wasn’t feel well this morning so I was telling Seung Hoon how nice it would be if something good happened today, and daebak!”

She continue, “Jun Hyung’s surprise gift that he has been preparing since three weeks ago because he thought I was lacking energy. I don’t know how to express how touched I am. Thank you. Thank you so much. Jun Hyung, I will cheer up and film! I was going to go to sleep without eating dinner. I am going to eat two plates. Hing. I’m getting teary. What an amazing guy.”

In the photos, Park Shin Hye showcases both the food truck and the coffee truck that Yong Jun Hyung sent her.

Park Shin Hye

What a sweet gift!

Meanwhile, you can catch the hopefully refreshed and re-energized Park Shin Hye in her drama “Doctors” on Viki below!

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