Simon Dominic And GRAY Reveal Latest “Show Me the Money” Track Was Inspired By DAY DAY

During the July 8 broadcast of “Show Me the Money 5,” BewhY (pictured in the middle above) amazes the crowd with his skills yet again. He starts off on piano, performing his own self-produced title track, “The Time Goes On,” before heating things up with “Day Day,” with a special appearance from Jay Park.

Following the broadcast, producers Simon Dominic and GRAY reveal that their production “Day Day” was actually influenced by rapper DAY DAY himself, who was also on Team AOMG during his run on “Show Me the Money 5.”

Simon Dominic writes, “It was edited out of the broadcast, but we produced this song after being inspired while talking about DAY DAY hyung. He also released a new single so please listen to it #teamAOMGforever”

GRAY relays similar sentiments, thanking BewhY for always putting on a great performance, and DAY DAY for being a great inspiration. He also gives a shoutout to Jay Park for featuring in the song.

Jay Park also shows his support for Team AOMG by promoting both of these songs on his Instagram as well.

Watch BewhY and Jay Park’s powerful performance below: