Shinhwa Reportedly Aiming For A Comeback Before End Of Year

O.G. idol boy group Shinhwa is reportedly aiming for a comeback before the end of the year.

The upcoming album marks their 13th studio album since debut and will be their first activity altogether as a group since their concert in March of 2015.

According to a source, nothing has been set in stone, but the members of Shinhwa are aiming for a comeback in October and began comeback prep a month ago.

For the past almost two years, the members have been focusing on their individual activities. Eric recently wrapped up tvN drama “Oh Hae Young Again.” Members Kim Dongwan and Jun Jin has also been focusing on their acting but with an emphasis on films.

Lee Min Woo, Shin Hye Sung, and Andy have been focusing on variety shows. Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung recently appeared as judges on “Boys24,” and Andy is part of the cast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” among other shows.

Stay tuned for updates! Are you looking forward to Shinhwa’s comeback?

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