Watch: Sunggyu, Yuju, Kim Yoona, And More Perform On “Duet Song Festival”

The July 8 episode of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” featured performances from Kim Yoona, Heo Young Saeng, Crush, Yuju, Sunggyu, and Kim Feel with their respective duet partners.


Heo Young Saeng and Lee Jung Hyuk performed first with a cover of Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man” and got 407 votes.

Next up was GFRIEND’s Yuju and Joo Bum Jin who is the younger brother of singer Jinju. They performed Primary’s “See Through” and received 367 votes.

Third was Kim Feel and Shin Hae Won’s rendition of Jung Joon Il’s “Hug Me” for which they got 432 votes.

Last week’s winner Kim Yoona and Chae Bo Hoon performed next with Sinawe’s “Turn Up the Radio.” The duo came up with 435 votes barely beating Kim Feel and Shin Hae Won.

The fifth performance was Crush and Park Eun Ock’s cover of Kim Yeon Woo’s “Farewell Taxi” for which they got 419 votes.

Last up were INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Kwon Sun Young’s performance of Kim Kwang Seok’s “Although I Loved You.” They received 402 points.

Kim Yoona and Chae Bo Hoon were crowned the winning duet of this week’s episode. They will be returning for next week’s episode along with Kim Feel and Heo Young Saeng’s respective teams as the audience voted to see them again next week.

Which performance was your favorite?

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