Watch: I.O.I’s Kim Doyeon Reveals Choi Yoojung’s Secret Struggle

I.O.I’s Kim Doyeon dishes on her Fantagio labelmate Choi Yoojung’s showering habits on Mnet’s “LAN Cable Friends I.O.I.”

On the July 8 episode of the reality show, the girls gather in a room inside their lodging decorated like the inside of a spaceship, where they are tasked to accomplish missions given real-time by their fans through comments.

Member Kim Doyeon receives a request to reveal a secret about her fellow member and best friend Choi Yoojung, so she spills, “Nowadays she doesn’t wash up and just sleeps right away.”

choi yoojung kim do yeon

Taken aback, Choi Yoojung defends herself and says, “No, it’s not that I don’t wash up, it’s that I can’t.” She explains, “I fall asleep while waiting for my turn.”

However, Kim Doyeon retaliates, “What turn? We don’t follow an order.”

Meanwhile, the July 8 episode of “LAN Cable Friends I.O.I” also features leader Im Nayoung acting out a line by Seo Hyun Jin from tvN drama “Oh Hae Young Again.”

Watch the cut of the two friends and labelmates bickering below!

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