Choo Sarang Warmly Reunites With Lee Seo Eon And Lee Seo Jun

They may have met when they were younger, but the friendship between Choo Sarang and twins Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Jun is still present today!

On July 9, Lee Hwi Jae‘s wife and the twins’ mother Moon Jung Won uploaded a couple of photos from a recent outing.

In the photo, Choo Sarang hugs Lee Seo Jun so tightly she lifts him off the ground. The caption says, “Sarang noona who carries Seo Jun now that she’s older.”

She also included a video of the kids playing together in what looks to be the outside of her friend Jung Chang Wook’s restaurant. Long-time viewers of the show may remember the chef, who appeared on “The Return of Superman” to teach Lee Hwi Jae how to cook.

In addition, Uhm Tae Woong‘s daughter Ji On appears to be in the photos as well, making this one nostalgic reunion!

Choo Sarang’s mother, Yano Shiho, also shared a photo of the kids concentrating on a book placed in front of them.

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According to some of her other posts, it seems that not only is the Choo family in Korea, but the mothers from “The Return of Superman” had a meet-up of their own! In one particular picture, the Song triplets mother is present as well.

How nice to see them all together again!

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