SISTAR Thanks Fans With The Gift Of Delicious Snacks

Some lucky fans recently got a treat from hit girl group SISTAR!

On July 9, SISTAR’s Twitter account shared a photo of the four members smiling happily and striking cute poses in front of a food truck. Above the food truck is a sign that says “I like Star1, do you like tteokbokki?”. Star1 is the group’s fan club name, and tteokbokki is a spicy rice cake dish. The sign is a play on their latest hit, “I Like That” off their album “Insane Love.”

The caption on the photo reads, “Delicious tteokbokki, drinks, and even deep-fried shrimp, organized by SISTAR! A thank-you gift from SISTAR, who’s always been the one to receive instead of give. We’re grateful for today too, let’s stay together in the future!”

SISTAR has grabbed four music show wins so far for their track “I Like That.” Meanwhile, all four members will be appearing on July 10’s episode of “Running Man.”