Watch: Eric Nam And Solar Go For A Romantic Nighttime Swim On “We Got Married”

On July 9’s episode of “We Got Married,” Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar take a nighttime dip in the pool while on a romantic trip on Jeju Island!

Solar and Eric Nam first make each other laugh as they show off their poolside style with a swimming suit fashion show. Solar jokes, “My style for today is ‘cutie sexy’!”

we got married 8

The playful pair then gets competitive as they swim around together. Eric Nam keeps suggesting they do things that will mean they’ll have to go under the water, like seeing who can hold their breath the longest, but Solar resists because she doesn’t want him to see her face without makeup.

They then see who can do a lap of the pool the fastest, with the winner getting to have a wish fulfiled by the loser. Eric Nam wins, but when Solar asks what his wish is, he replies, “I don’t know! I want to use it later.”

we got married 7

Solar has fun using the water to give Eric Nam funny hair styles, giggling as she makes his hair stand straight up. He then dips his head under the water, messing up his hair, and she helps him fix it.

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Eric Nam then starts to splash her lightly with water. Solar asks him why he’s holding out his hand as though about to attack her, and he reaches forward and says, “I just wanted to hold your hand!” The two then sweetly intertwine their fingers.

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Solar says in her private interview, “Since we were in the pool, I was more aware of our skin. I felt a bit more sensitive and cautious.” Eric Nam laughs as he explains in his interview that he had been looking forward to swimming with her so that he could hold her hand more naturally.

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Watch the pair’s swimming date in the episode below!